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Woodworking Carving Chisel Wood Carving Tools

Woodworking Carving Chisel Wood Carving Tools


An easy way to design beautifully on any wood and floor!

Do you want to explore your creativity? Now, this electric woodworking carving chisel set can easily and easily engrave cool textures on plants, furniture or floors.
It is made of high-quality plastic and metal, and has an ergonomic handle. The kit is mainly used for wood, furniture carving, bonsai, toys, figures and other sculpture works. Anyone from professionals to amateurs can use this electric wood carving kit.

Carpentry carving chisels help to smoothly and easily engrave cool textures on your things, making you more creative

Efficient: The electric woodcarving tool kit can be used in conjunction with electric tools, such as hanging grinders, small grinders, and flexible shafts for electric drills. The rotation speed must be lower than 12000. Meet most engraving requirements.
Useful addition to any toolbox: very suitable for various carpentry tasks in the home or workshop, it is an excellent addition to any toolbox. It can carve ebony soft plastic.
Multi-function kit: This kit has five special chisel tips and a small wrench. The tip of each chisel is made of high-quality materials, which can increase the strength and durability when performing wood carving.
Ergonomics and safety design: Ergonomics design to improve comfort and control. It has strong and excellent thermal efficiency, so it is very safe to use.
Save time and effort: you can save two-thirds of the force and time usually hand-carved without feeling tired, providing more convenience for your project.

Condition: New
Material: plastic + metal
Color: yellow
Length: 150mm
The package includes:
1 x carving chisel tool kit
5 blades
1 x flexible shaft (optional)