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Wood Doweling Hole Drill Guide

Wood Doweling Hole Drill Guide


Use this drilling guide to drill holes quickly and accurately!

Drilling cannot be performed correctly With this drilling guide for woodworking pin jigs, drilling can be performed accurately, quickly and easily! This drill guide fixture is designed with fixture nails and? Handheld metal sleeve, which can be drilled efficiently, is ideal for home maintenance handyman, DIY project and woodworking enthusiasts.

The wooden pin clamp is an improved version, suitable for wooden pins of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm, which can accurately determine the size of the hole. It is also made of the highest standards of plastic and metal to ensure long-term use and resistance to damage.

Drilling Tools for Vertical Hole Drilling-A specially designed wooden tenon clamp with standard calibration, which can be accurately fixed and centered during drilling and carpentry.
Complete joint coverage-able to perform edge-to-edge, T and edge-to-edge joints in woodworking, and is suitable for 3 sizes of drill bits.
Maximum Support-Card thickness up to 31mm can be supported when created.
High-quality materials-Made of high-quality impact-resistant plastics and metals to improve durability and longevity.

Adjustable and easy to use-The position of the drill guide can be adjusted according to the needs of movement, making it easy to use, suitable for straight wood tenon drills. It also has a handle for secure fixing.
Practical woodworking tools-This is a good tool set for furniture factories and carpenters.

Technical index
Material: Plastic and Metal
Color: yellow
Dimensions: 6x19 cm/2.4x 7.5 inches
Drill brush: 6/8/10mm
The packaging includes:
1 x pin fixture