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Wheel Rim Protector

Wheel Rim Protector


Prevent Your Cars Rims From Getting Scratched And Damaged With Our All New Wheel Rim Protector


  • Protects the wheel rimsfrom curb scrapes
  • A smart choice for the most careful driver
  • Cost effectiveandsaves timefrom changing rims or repairing damaged wheels from accidents
  • DurableRim Protectorsand canwithstand different weather conditionsfor a long period of time
  • Suitable for most car wheel rims
  • Easy to installyet gives your wheels aprofessionally madeoutput
  • No need to remove tiresto place the wheel protection

Car Wheel Rim Protector Tire Guard Stripes


WheelRim Protectors are an easy to install color styling accessory for the outer rim of your alloy wheels that are available in many different color combinations.

Simply select your track and insert colors above to get a custom colored pinstripe style defensive barrier for your wheel rim!

These wheel protectors don't just look good - they can help reduce or avoid minor scratches and scuffs to your wheels rims that can come from road hazards and curbs during low-speed maneuvering situations such as parallel parking.

Car Wheel Rim Protector Tire Guard Stripes

These wheel rim protectors feature a patented system that uses a snap-in plastic color insert . a plastic mounting track and 3M's automotive acrylic foam adhesive tape which is pre-applied to the mounting track during the manufacturing process and is ready to adhere to a clean surface.

The replaceable color inserts snap snugly into the mounting track and both can be easily trimmed to fit the rim of your vehicle.

These rim protectors are a universal fit product for a wide range of wheel sizes and can be cut to fit wheels from 13" to 22" using shears.

Car Wheel Rim Protector Tire Guard Stripes

How To Use The Rim Protectors:

  1. Clean up the area where the wheel strip is to be installed. Make sure it's dry and that no dirt or oil on the surface.
  2. Wipe the edge of the wheel hub with alcohol and let it dry.
  3. Once the surface of the wheel is ready . check where to place the strip and to estimate the length you need.
  4. Press the strip firmly on the rims once it is ready to be installed. Carefully remove the protective paper at the back of the rim protector.
  5. Slowly move along the edge where the wheel protector is to be placed while pulling protective paper along.
  6. Cut the excess strip and give another firm press to ensure the whole wheel protector is properly installed.

    Car Wheel Rim Protector Tire Guard Stripes


    • Let the Wheel Rim Protectors dry up for at least 3 hours.
    • Do not wash your wheels using high-pressure cleaners for a few days after wheel rim protectors are installed.
    • Avoid fast driving within 24 hours upon strip installation.


    • Rim Size: 8m*0.8cm*0.5cm
    • Rim Color: Red . Blue . Purple . Black . White . Gray . Green . Pink . Orange . Yellow

    Rim Protector Package:

    1 X 8m Wheel Rim Protectors