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Universal Car Phone Clip Holder

Universal Car Phone Clip Holder


This is the safest and most convenient car phone stand tool you will experience

Universal Car Phone Clip Holder A smart clip can be used to fix the smartphone above the dashboard, and it is an extremely safe car phone holder. It ensures a clear view of the front driving without obstructing any viewpoints to achieve 100% safe driving. Mobile phone holder for your car/truck/vehicle.
Enjoy driving, using GPS, listening to phone/music, without looking away. You can also adjust the angle and place it in a landscape/portrait with anti-skid function to achieve a perfect and stable viewing position.

Excellent visual position and safe driving
The clip can be fixed on the dashboard and used in conjunction with the HUD system to ensure that your line of sight is consistent with the road without hindering the driving vision.
Adjustable viewing angle
Clamp the mobile phone bracket on the dashboard and adjust the angle, the maximum can reach 360 degrees!
Stable and non-slip
Double curved base design, protective non-slip silicone with crocodile teeth design. Allow the phone to be firmly fixed to the clip.

Anti-scratch protection
Due to the high-quality soft, non-slip silicone insert clip pad, it will not scratch the phone and dashboard.
Large elastic clip
It is compatible with all smartphones even on a thicker case.
Quick and easy installation
In just a few seconds, you can clip it to the edge of the dashboard and place it in your phone. No additional tools are required.

Common size
The card holder is suitable for all mobile phones, such as Samsung, iPhone, etc. and 3.5" -6.5" GPS devices. For cutting depth, it is suitable for all dashboards with a depth of more than 2.75 inches.
Durable heat-resistant material
-20掳C to 90掳C heat resistance without deformation

1. Cut it to the edge of the dashboard.
2. Lift the upper clip and fix the phone.
3. Adjust the angle as needed.
Material: high quality ABS, silicone
Suitable equipment size: 3.5 inches -6.5 inches

The package includes:
1 x Universal car phone clip