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Tyres Safety Kit (Depth+Pressure)

Tyres Safety Kit (Depth+Pressure)


Tyres Safety Kit (Depth+Pressure)

It is important to know when your tires are unsafe and need to be replaced. Use the tire safety kit to easily check tread wear and pressure and avoid driving at unequal depths.
Ability to check depth and pressure on a regular basis, every time you leave a long journey to check to ensure that your car can drive safely. They are cheaper than buying a trailer!
Monitor the tires closely and replace the tires when the thread depth reaches 3/32 inches, and maintain 30 and 35 PSI. Uneven tread may indicate improper inflation, misaligned wheels or various other reasons.


聽Thread depth gauge: It has a tire tread depth scale of 0-25 mm and a multi-unit measurement table. Easily convert units for easy measurement. Use a penny ditch to get an equal reading on each tire.
聽Tire pressure pen: Provide a quick and easy way to check the pressure of each tire. Measure PSI (5-50) in units of 1 pound and 0.5-3.5 in units of kg/cm虏.

Reliable and accurate: Always get accurate readings. Unlike digital instruments, mechanical instruments do not rely on batteries, so there will be no errors due to low power consumption.
Easy and comfortable reading: The clearly visible ruler makes it better and easier for you to read level.

Small and convenient: The kit contains pen-sized gauges that allow you to easily carry and store them on every journey!
High-quality materials: made of ABS transparent shell protective layer and high carbon steel coil spring.

Tread depth gauge:
Push the probe all the way up.
Put the probe in the center of the circumferential groove of the tire, and then push down the base of the gauge.
Hold the gauge without touching the probe, carefully remove the gauge, and confirm the tread depth reading.
Tire pressure gauge:
Find the recommended air pressure on the tire information label of the vehicle.
Remove the cover from the tire valve stem.
Press the tire pressure gauge evenly on the valve stem of the tire to read the current tire pressure.

Length: 14.5 cm (pressure pen), 8.7 cm (thread depth gauge)
Material: ABS plastic + stainless steel spring

The package includes:
1 x tire thread depth gauge
1 px x tire pressure pen