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The Women's Luxury Watch

The Women's Luxury Watch


Watches are not just a tool to see time, they also reflect your personality and who you are as a person.

We believe style shouldn't break the bank. Quality design at fair prices. Celestial is a Women's watch has been specially designed with the beauty and aura that a woman carries with her. This watch has a starry background on the dial which shines through the prism-cut high strength hardened glass.

The watch features a magnetic strap which allows women of all wrist sizes to wear it easily. The band is made up of stainless steel and is comfortable as well as aesthetic to wear.

Celestial comes in Six different colors - Rose, Purple, Black, Red, Brown and Blue.

Our personal favorite is the the Purple Celestial.

Why you NEED TO WEAR Celestial?

  • Looks stunning and adds a magnificent aura to your personality
  • Fits well in all occasions; formal or informal
  • Magnetic Strap gives a premium look and allows people of all wrist sizes to wear Celestial easily
  • Celestial is waterproof and can withstand water up to 30 mins
  • It is made up of High Strength Toughened Glass which makes Celestial extremely durable


Dial Diameter: 34mm
Case Thickness:10mm
Watch Length:27cm
Band Width: 15mm
Water Resistance: 3Bar