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The Super Cleaning Brush

The Super Cleaning Brush


Tired of wasting hours cleaning your pans? Clean with zero effort with this super brush, !

Bath Brush

If you’ve ever experienced the pain of a burnt frying pan, we bring good news!

Now you’ve got to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes. And even if you swore you only took your eyes off that pan of searing steak for just one teeny tiny second, you could end up with scorched pans, caked-on food or a greasy mess at the end of your kitchen session. With it, you will effortlessly remove all dirt and burns from your pans. Do not throw away that old pan! Just bring it back to life with it!


Bath Brush


Our innovative sponges lift dirt, grease & grime like a magic eraser... sucks it up! Dries quickly.


Cleans deeply in seconds
Zero effort
Very easy to use

Bath Brush


You can hold it and hang it easily thanks to its useful handle.
Our strong sponges do grab grease, oils, fats, & chemicals. Super for kitchens, dishes, plastics, refrigerators, stainless steel, baked messes, glasses, bathrooms, garages, grills. Perfect for 1000's of cleaning jobs!!



  • Sponge + Emery
  • Weight:50 g
  • Size :14x8 cm (5.51x3.14 '')