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The Baby Neck Float Ring

The Baby Neck Float Ring



Bathing fun: very suitable for children from 1 to 24 months old. Tap water with your hands will get old. See them discover the great fun of kicking and paddling! Before the baby walks or crawls, they can be active in the water, and all this can be done in your own bathroom at home or in the swimming pool.

It has been carefully designed to keep the baby fully mobile and safe: the baby's chin and neck can rest comfortably with water that supports weight. See for yourself how many feet they kicked in the water!


Safety: Safety is the top priority of design. The thick double airbag will not tear or puncture easily. The safety lock is integrated into the patented float design, which ensures that it is locked in place and fixed at the rear, giving the baby maximum comfort.
Safe and gentle baby support: Our patented design gently but effectively supports the baby's head without hurting or straining the neck muscles and ligaments.
Non-toxic materials: BPA-free, environmentally friendly patented materials, comfortable and comfortable for baby's skin.


Thick, double airbag without BPA.
Color printing attracts your baby.
Double safety lock.
Easy to grip.
Small bells can bring extra sensory stimulation.