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The All-new Portable Sewing Machine

The All-new Portable Sewing Machine


Are you tired of repairing small clothes with needles? Do you often need to rotate quickly without taking the sewing machine with you at all? Our products, brand new portable sewing machines, are suitable for any job, from sewing and repairing your clothes, to upholstery and even curtain work.
Compared with those large-size full-size sewing machines, it is more convenient and easy to use. It makes any job faster and easier. Works with various fabrics are great arts and crafts, and a perfect gift for tailors you like.

main advantage
Easy to use: Our products are compact and easy to use. This hand-sewing machine can be placed in the palm of your hand, which actually gives you more control over sewing. This is the perfect tool to help you with all kinds of quick homework at the same time in your family or on the go.
Top quality: This portable sewing machine is so easy and faster to use than needles and threads. It can save you a lot of time and trouble, and the stitches are straighter and cleaner. There is even a fixing plate, which can fix the fabric when sewing, so that the work efficiency is higher.
Accurately sew all fabrics: suitable for fabrics, clothing, silk, jeans, leather, denim, wool, drape, holes/tearing, etc. Use the portable to easily make some DIY handkerchiefs, cloth toys, patchwork, simple embroidery or handicraft sewing machines. This is a single-sided sewing machine that can easily sew things up to 1.8mm thick.

Use a portable sewing machine
The first step in using a portable sewing machine is to insert four AA batteries. Put the battery into the battery compartment at the bottom. After inserting the battery, the sewer should be set with a bobbin and threaded.
In order to place the thread correctly, the cable clamp should be placed on the side. After removing the bobbin holder and bouncing under it, slide on the bobbin.
Threading portable sewing machine
The thread passes from the bobbin through the first thread groove on the needle arm, through the two plates in the tension control device, and then through the second thread groove at the end of the needle arm.
Sewing with a portable sewing machine
The machine sews from left to right. Hold the fabric with your left hand to make it slightly taut, and then use the power switch on the top to turn on the machine. The fabric is fed into the machine by itself.