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T-Tap Wire Connectors Kit 2020

T-Tap Wire Connectors Kit 2020

An Easy Way To Repair Your Wires!

UpgradeofWiring: T-tap wire connectors replace the traditional way of wiring . abandoning the cutting . stripping and soldering. Mid span wiretapping has never been easier before and T tap wire connectors can be used repetitively.

No Need To Strip Wire:It will be much safer for the beginners and much easier than the old way and . all you need just a crimp

Easy identification:Color-coded tubing makes it easy to identify the right size of the connector for every application.

Perfectly Fitting Male Quick Disconnects:Nylon male disconnects have been designed to lock tightly on the T Tap connectors to prevent sliding out

Widely Use:Whether you are working on your boat . vehicle . home or scientific project . our T-tap terminal connectors will ensure everything bond correctly

Premium Copper tin plating:Copper tin plating provides increased current flow . and ensures less voltage drop . preventing wiring failures and reducing equipment downtime.

Durability:Each terminal features a thick tinned copper contact that resist corrosion to hold the wire tight when crimped. Thicker tinned copper contacts will not bend even when tapping into thicker wires

Eliminate Safety Hazard:T-tap wire connector is a component of copper which conducts electricity well. It's thick tinned to prevent corrosion and resists as high temperature as 221?H.It's also made of flame-retardant material to ensure security.

Easy to Use:Self-stripping electrical tap connector is suitable to electrically tap into a wire in mid-span without cutting or stripping the wire . connector then mates with a male tab . making a reusable quick-connect wiring termination.

Product Information:

  • Wire Range: 22-18 AWG(Red) / 18-14 AWG(Blue) / 12-10 AWG(Yellow)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit): 221 Degree Fahrenheit
  • Maximum Recommended Voltage Rating: 600 V
  • Material: Nylon . Copper tin plating

By usingQuick Wire Connectors Kityou can easily repair your broken wires in professionals way.Special design with good quality.

Package Includes:

1xQuick Wire Connectors Kit (30 paris / 60 pairs / 120 pairs)