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Syrup Honey Dispenser

Syrup Honey Dispenser


Stop the leak while making your honey available immediately. Use with sugar, maple syrup, chocolate syrup. No need to wait and shake the container to let your favorite sauce flow. Just press the release button on the handle and it will immediately flow out from the bottom. When released, it immediately stopped, with no signs of dripping or confusion.

Interesting honeycomb design. Lightweight but durable. Fill the dispenser with honey or similar liquid. Tighten the cover and then push the middle part. It will start to flow out from the bottom. Loosen the center piece and the liquid stops flowing. This gravity feed system is the ultimate method of preparing your favorite sauce.

Our honey dispenser comes with its own bottom plug to keep the honey jar airtight and keep the honey fresh. Use it to pour honey into tea, put a syrup dispenser on the syrup machine or even coffee, your honey will not clump.

Place 1 cup (8 ounces) of honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, sugar (is a sugar machine) or any liquid you want (make sure it is not too thick)
Make someone's life better. Provide a lovely honeypot for your family, friends or colleagues as a thoughtful and useful gift!

product information:
Material: Plastic
Weight: 130g