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Sweet Corn Stripper

Sweet Corn Stripper


Use our corn quick peeling machine to peel corn easily. Convenient kitchen tools can easily push the corn on the corn cob. This can save time, effort and prevent confusion.

The sharp and serrated stainless steel blade cuts the corn kernels cleanly from the cob with a smooth movement and minimizes waste.
Very suitable for making soup, hot sauce, corn bread and so on.
Comfortable grip, easy to use.
It has a container that can collect all corn without waste.
Dishwasher safe

Made of high-quality ABS body and stainless steel blade, sharp and rust-proof, high hardness, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, more durable. Sturdy ergonomic handle with fixed connecting rod design, which can firmly hold the corn kernels, while safely and neatly taking out the kernels

Removing corn from corn cobs has never been easier than using a corn peeler.
Curved and serrated stainless steel blades smoothly cut corn kernels from the cob.
It has a container that can capture the kernels as they peel from the corncobs.
You will never worry about wasting any corn.

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