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Solar Powered Animal Repellents Water Sprayer - Animal Deterrent

Solar Powered Animal Repellents Water Sprayer - Animal Deterrent


Tired of Animals Always Coming Into Your Backyard?

Protect Your Garden In The Most Humane Way Possible And Keep Animals Out of Your Garden!!

This Motion Activated Sprinkler Keeps Animals Out Of Your Garden!!

Motion Activated Solar Powered Sprinkler Repeller - Scarecrow sprinkler keeps pests out of yard and garden

Does your dog have a favorite spot where he/she keeps pooping or do you have rabbits or deers munching away at your grass, flowers, or vegetable patch you worked so hard on? 

The revolutionary Motion Activated Sprinkler uses a motion sensor to protect any open area in a garden that receives unwanted visiting animals. Use it to keep things like  dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, mice, birds, raccoons, squirrels, and more away

Motion-activated, it delivers a startling burst of water and can protect an area of up to 130 meters.

Easy to connect to a standard garden hose, with adjustable sensitivity and 360-degree spray rotation, this clever device works days and night to offer all year round protection.


  • Uses heat and the motion-activated sensor as an alternative to harmful chemicals and unsightly netting. 
  • Uses a startling, yet harmless, three-second blast of water to keep animals at bay.
  • Humanely repels animals and pests, keeps animals and pests out of plants, yards and gardens using a harmless spray of water.
  • Has both a day and night options so it is just as effective at night as it is in the day
  • Sensing technology Knows the difference between trees and animals, so your water will not activate every time the wind blows.