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Silica Gel Feeding Bottle

Silica Gel Feeding Bottle


Provides a cleaner and easier way to feed baby semi-solid food with just one hand.
Squeeze the silicone base gently until the required amount of food is collected on the spoon.
Ideal for use anywhere-the portable BPA-free silicone feeding spoon can hold 3 ounces of baby food, and the lid keeps the spoon in a wallet or diaper bag, keeping it hygienic
The 90ML silicone baby bottle is equipped with a spoon-type feeder. The ergonomic shape is easy to squeeze and can be bitten to the last bite. It is also very suitable for milk and formula milk.
Silicone bottles can be reused for future use, and have the safety of dishwashers, steam and microwave ovens.

With this bottle, it will be easier to feed your little baby!