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Self Stirring coffee mug

Self Stirring coffee mug


The mug is specially designed to automatically mix coffee, milk, cereals, etc. Just press the button on the handle and it will start stirring immediately! Very suitable for home and office use. The unique travel cup gadget can provide the perfect gift idea for ordinary travelers. They like coffee plus other ingredients and usually need to mix it by hand.

product description:
Stainless steel and PP plastic
Made of stainless steel and PP plastic
Holds 11.8 ounces of liquid, 6.6 inches wide by 3.3 inches wide (with handle) x 2.5 inches in diameter (excluding handle).
Before using it for the first time, please click the power button to turn on, and then clean the automatic mixing and cleaning travel cup, and then click to turn off.
The automatic blending travel cup is ideal for automatic blending of coffee drinks, protein shakes, ice and ice, iced coffee, sugary drinks, etc.
No matter what ingredients you need to stir, just put them in and press the button to start the stirring motor.

Powerful, evenly mixed
Easy to operate
Upgrade technology for leak-proof design
Food-grade materials, environmental protection and health
Sealed lid-no need to worry about liquid splash
Holds a large volume of 11.8 ounces of liquid, the average amount of coffee or milk suitable for one person to drink

Other important notes:
Please clean the cup before the first use.
After use, make sure to clean the cup in time. If this is not done, residues of coffee, milk or other contents may cause the blender to stop spinning.
The cup can only wash hands.
Do not put it in the dishwasher or microwave.