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Rim Wheel Protection Ring

Rim Wheel Protection Ring


Our rim protection ring is a high-quality barrier that protects your rim from roadside scratches and damage when parking and driving.
Available in a variety of ten colors, so you can match or compliment different types of car tires and styles. Your car uses a brand new cool look.
The polymer stabilized by UV is wear-resistant, it is a real protection against dangerous debris from damaged rim hubs, while the high durability and long service life make it cost-effective.

Ultimate rim protection:
Acts as a barrier between the rim and the curb to provide protection and prevent damage to the curb from scratches, scratches or small bumps
Aesthetic appeal:
There are many colors to choose from to personalize your vehicle and add a valuable impression on the vehicle

Wheel Rim Protector
strong and sturdy:
Made of a two-part UV-stabilized polymer with abrasion resistance, high durability and flexibility
Cover flaws:
Install damaged rims and cover the edge marks to make your wheels look new
Easy to install:
No need to remove tires, installation process takes less than 5 minutes
One size fits everyone:
8 meters full size, enough to accommodate four large rims


Length: 8m
Material: Polymer
Color: red, blue, purple, black, white, gray, green, pink, orange, yellow
The package includes:
1 x rim protection ring

Car Wheel Rim Protector Tire Guard Stripes