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Rasp Chisel Drill Bits Set

Rasp Chisel Drill Bits Set


It only takes a few seconds to make engraving easier! Ensure high-quality and efficient works. Comes with 5 different shapes, including conical, longer conical, circular, cylindrical and elliptical tips.

Perfect for sanding, polishing, styling, and some great ideas! Super durable, because they are made of steel, which ensures the sharpness of the cutter head.

Make carving easier than ever!
Remove almost all materials quickly.
Complete any DIY task effectively.
Suitable for any conventional drill bit to complete the project faster!
You must have 5 universal shapes!

Material: 1050 steel 5 shapes: spherical, elliptical, cylindrical, large and small cones. Handle: 6 mm (1/4 inch)

The package includes:
1x chisel bit set