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Pumice Stone Nail File

Pumice Stone Nail File


Perfect healthy nails.

Manicurists use sharp cuticle pushers and small forceps to keep nails away from dead skin and cuticles, and sometimes cut fresh skin. Ouch! Avoid pain and use this pumice nail file for a safer alternative.

The purpose of the Pumice Nail File is to give your salon-like and perfect nail care nail sparkling tips. Made according to the pen shape, it can be gripped and used anytime, anywhere, so convenient for you!

Each time the epidermis and dead skin around and around the nails are removed, a sparkling nail technique is provided.
Rich nails:
You can easily beautify your nails by immersing the nail file in essential oils, and then apply beauty as usual.
Safe to use:
Use pumice instead of dangerous small tweezers, which can even cut your healthy skin.
Compact and lightweight:
Take it with you and use it when you find dead skin on your nails.
Pen design body:
Shaped like a pen, easy to hold and clean.

Material: Pumice
Size: 11.5cm X 0.6cm
The package includes:
1x Pumice Nail File