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Professional Nail Drill Electric Manicure & Pedicure Kit

Professional Nail Drill Electric Manicure & Pedicure Kit


This nail drill kit is equipped with 18 nail clippers, which can be used to polish, engrave, cut, polish and remove the epidermis of all nail art. You can get professional nail care in the comfort of your home without paying for the salon.

Speed can be adjusted through the speed control button (from 16000 RPM to 20000 RPM)
LED display
Lightweight and portable design
Low noise and low heat

Adjustable speed, easy to use:
Use the speed control buttons to change speeds between 0-20000 RPM.
There are six types of LED electric nail drills to meet your nail needs.
6 drills (5 diamond drills, 1 diamond rod with 6 abrasive belts) + 12 quartz nail drills + 30 diamond drills.
LED electric nail drill is suitable for grinding, sharpening, cutting, engraving and polishing of various nail arts.
Professionally used in homes, salons, powder rooms.

Lightweight and portable design:
The pen shape and lightweight design make the electric nail drill easy to carry and use.
The charging cable is about 35.6 inches, which is very convenient to use.
Low noise and low heat:
The electric nail drill has a powerful and quiet motor.
Efficient heat dissipation performance can effectively avoid overheating.
The electric nail drill has less noise and less vibration when polishing nails.

The package includes:
1 * Electric nail drill
1 * Power cord (USB)
6 * Drill bits (5 diamond drill bits, 1 diamond rod with 6 abrasive belts)
12*Quartz nail drill bit
30*Diamond nail drill bit