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Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner


Professional Surface Washing In Your Hands!

Got grime stuck on your hardwood patio? Has dirt discolored your driveway? Or maybe your walls are stuck with layers of moss and dust? 

That's what you need a powerful Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner for! 

Why do you need a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner?

Having a pressure washer definitely makes cleaning jobs easy, but just having one thin steam of pressurized water isn't exactly the fastest way to clean, especially for wide areas like patios, walls and driveways.

That's where a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner comes in handy, it spreads the water pressure using twin rotating outlets allowing you to get an even clean for large areas!

With a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner you can get professional cleaning results for your home areas! Quicker, easier and an upgrade to your cleaning jobs.

Why buy our Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner?

✅ Fast: Get cleaning jobs done up to 4X faster than the usual spray nozzles thanks to the even surface pressure washing!

✅ Versatile: Clean horizontal surfaces like driveways, garage floors, sidewalks and even vertical areas like garage doors and home sidings with Electric and Gas Powered Pressure Washers!

Powerful: This Surface Cleaner works with up to 3200 PSI pressure washers to give you maximum cleaning power!

✅ Clean: The splash-free skirt keeps you dry while you clean and you won’t experience any streaking problems due to its ability to keep nozzles at a fixed height from the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I save on water consumption?

A: Yes, This attachment is 15 in. in diameter which covers more area than the standard pressure washer nozzle. And, because of the double-spinning nozzle design, it effectively uses less water. 

Q: What is the minimum PSI to use for this product to do its job?

A: Surface Cleaner can be used with as low as 1500 PSI. However, the recommended pressure is 2500-3200 PSI.

Q: Can detergents be used with the surface cleaner?

A: If your Pressure Washer comes with a compartment for dispensing detergent, it means that the surface cleaner can also be used with detergents.

If your Pressure Washer does not come with this function, you can cover the surface with soapy water, concrete cleaner, etc. and use the surface cleaner regularly. 

How To Use


  • COMPATIBILITY: Gas pressure washer with ¼” quick-connect fitting


  • MAX TEMPERATURE: 140° F (60° C)

  • MAX FLOW: 2.7 GPM


  • SIZE (L x W x H): 15 x 15 x 6.7 in

  • WEIGHT: 3.8 lbs

  • EXTENSION WAND: 1/4" quick connector

📦 Package Inclusions Per Variant

  • Extension Wand Not Included:
    1 x 
    Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner attachment ONLY

  • Extension Wand Included:
    1 x Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner attachment
    1 x Extension Wand - over 30 inches


  • Pressure Washer or PSI Machine

  • Spray Gun

Cleaning large, flat surfaces doesn't have to take long! With a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner, you can clean patios, walls, walkways, driveways and more quickly and easily!

Get that professional clean that you can do on your own! Get one NOW!

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