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Premium Yoga Wheel

Premium Yoga Wheel


The yoga wheel is a hollow circular product designed to help stretch, relax tension and increase flexibility.

main advantage
Increase your flexibility: If you add a yoga wheel to your yoga routine, you will have more confidence to stretch further. It can improve your hip flexors, which is very important for mastering flexion and inversion. This will bring you a lot of breakthroughs in a short time.
Makes you stronger: Yoga wheels can increase your strength and endurance. You will feel stronger and healthier when you practice with yoga wheel in a short time.
Injury prevention: The yoga wheel keeps you upright and provides you with support in traditional poses that cannot be used with traditional props or cannot be provided without props.
Support and better breathing: With the yoga wheel, you can stretch a healthy radius backwards while opening the front of the body. You will also improve breathing ability because your diaphragm muscles can perform better. The yoga wheel allows the spine to stretch and bend at the same time. Due to the large contact area, your spine will be guided and stretched, and you will get stable support at the back bend. This greatly helps protect and promote a healthy spine.

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