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Portable Mini Humidifier Cool Mist - Mini Air Humidifier - Usb Portable Mini Humidifier

Portable Mini Humidifier Cool Mist - Mini Air Humidifier - Usb Portable Mini Humidifier


Everyone will have chapped lips, dry skin and stuffy nose!
Now, use the "portable mini humidifier cooling mist" to maintain healthy skin while maintaining health. This cute and compact air humidifier turns water into a cooling mist and adds moisture to the air to prevent dry skin and other health problems.
The "mini air humidifier" is compact and easy to carry around, and can be easily powered by any USB interface.
You no longer have to worry about dry skin!

Lightweight and portable: "USB portable mini humidifier" is very lightweight and has two cute designs. Do I need a small humidifier in the office when I travel? You can easily carry it with you.
Ultrasonic technology and intelligent design: "Mini Air Humidifier" has ultrasonic technology and exerts its magic in a silent way. Now you can work or sleep without any interference. It is ultra-quiet and uses nano-atomization technology to effectively kill bacteria in the air.
Exquisite design with LED lights: It has color-changing LED lights and can be used as a lovely night light. When you turn on the USB portable mini humidifier, the LED light will automatically turn on.
Press and hold the switch button (3s) for the first time to stop changing colors. Press and hold the switch button (3s) for the second time to turn off the light.


USB powered and safe to use: Just connect the "portable mini humidifier cool mist" to any USB source, such as car charger, mobile power, computer, laptop, etc., you can use it for 4 hours continuously. When the water level is low, the diffuser will automatically shut down to prevent damage or overheating.
Easy operation: One-touch touch switch makes operation very easy. Just open the lid, add 220 ML of water, connect it to any USB device, and then turn on the power to start using.

Humidification method: Cool mist discharge
Capacity: 220ML
Power (Watts): 1.5-2W
Voltage (V): DC 5V
Power supply type: USB
Certification: CE, RoHS


The package includes:
1 * Humidifier
1 * USB cable
1 *User Manual
6 * Filter