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Portable Mini Cervical Massager

Portable Mini Cervical Massager


Introducing our portable mini cervical spine massager, your portable massager can get maximum relaxation in your home with just one click! Experience the best therapeutic deep tissue massage, leaving you refreshed and painless

Instant Massage-Gently stick to the skin and immediately enjoy a 25-minute massage to massage different parts of your body.
Maximum Relaxation-Relieve all body pressure, relieve muscle aches and help you relax. Provide deep tissue massage on neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, feet, tights, calves, legs, feet and arms.

Adjustable power-This massage pad can perform 15 levels of massage, so that you can get the appropriate pressure to reduce muscle pain.
11 stalls-to meet the needs of different people, intelligent simulation of artificial massage technology, according to different people's hobbies and stress conditions, to transmit health information.

micro-current pulse simulation and other simulation techniques are used to relieve muscle tension and achieve relaxation.
Designed to have a rechargeable battery, which has a 5-6 day long battery life without plug, and a 2 hour charging design.
Small and exquisite design. Clothes may be blocked. Can be easily put on pockets and bags, very useful during travel. You can use this massager anywhere.

Weight: 12.8g
The package includes:
1pc x portable mini cervical massager