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Portable Grabber & Reacher Tool

Portable Grabber & Reacher Tool


Don't hang things high without a ladder, and don't fall. This handy grab tool is the savior for those with flexibility or flexibility issues!

Open the tool around the object to be grabbed and squeeze the ergonomic handle of the "portable grab tool", it will gradually close around the object.

This is a new and original tool that can capture places you can reach. Ideal for items placed high, behind or on a sofa or in a small space

Lightweight, portable and comfortable grip. The head can be rotated 90 degrees to reach the tightest area, and the soft rubber tip can be held
Even if you let go and continue to squeeze, hold on. Lift and hold items weighing up to 5 pounds
Very suitable for various applications. Do you need to replace the bulb, pick up trash or get nothing
Foldable, easy to store, built-in LED lights, jewelry hooks and magnets can help grab the smallest items.


Material: Aluminum alloy + high strength ABS and TPR.
Color: as shown
Folded size: foldable about 42 cm/16.5 inches; unfolded 81 cm/32 inches.
Portable Grabber & Reacher tools, pick up and clean up tools are ideal for use in homes and yards.
It also provides assistance to people with disabilities. This is an essential tool for anyone who needs help and wants to reduce back fatigue.
There is no battery inside.