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Portable Chainsaw

Portable Chainsaw


Thanks to the blades cut on both sides and the blades cut on both sides, this makes it not sticky when cutting trees

Length problem: Our saw has a longer, thicker full 24 inch chain. Two-way self-cleaning chain saw teeth can cut teeth by cutting wood in two ways! Made of 65 million high-carbon heat-treated steel, the long chain equals the sharp blade to cut the three sides of the limb at a time, so the cutting time is incredibly fast... significantly more than the competition.

Our saws can tear everything from thin branches to large trunks in seconds. Branches that easily cut overhead. Unlike other sharp pointed pocket saws, our saw has a sturdy and durable handle that can be easily re-sharpened. Our pocket chainsaw is equipped with a sturdy nylon front snap storage bag and belt loop. It can be sharpened using a conventional 5/32 circular electric saw file.

Fix it on the rope: difficult to reach the branch
Heavy military equipment: The ultimate tool for outdoor enthusiasts, which can be trimmed and trimmed in the yard when the ladder cannot be reached. The end ring is riveted with brass rings to prevent wear, so you can easily connect the selected rope to expand the tentacles.

Perfect survival tool: Lightweight, portable 24-inch saw chain can be easily stored in a backpack or camping equipment. On the next camping, hunting, hiking or biking trip, you will not want to leave "things that cannot be done without tools and tools at home."
Save money: Use our DIY high-limb cutting kit chainsaw to save hundreds of dollars in tree service

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