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Phoneup 360 degree stand

Phoneup 360 degree stand


Take it anywhere and bring you a hands-free experience.
Put the phone on the shelf, do you always need to adjust to get a better view when watching? It's time to switch to the PhoneUp 360掳 stand for a better hands-free experience!

The PhoneUp 360掳 stand is designed to have an adjustable rotation position of 270掳 so that you can find your right angle of view. It is also designed with anti-skid and anti-scratch components to improve safety. With its foldable function, you can put it in a wallet or bag and carry it with you.

Adjustable rotating design:
Make 270掳 adjustments to find your right angle of view for a more comfortable position.
When you place your phone in this phone stand, you can release your hands and play streaming media online.

Unlike other mobile phone stands, it is foldable, so you can make it slim and compact, you can put it in a wallet or bag, and then carry it with you.
Sturdy bracket:
The stand is heavy enough to support your phone or tablet. Do not drop or drop it while holding it.

Anti-slip and anti-scratch:
There are anti-collision pads on the two fixed arms to avoid scratching the phone; there is a rubber pad on the bottom of the bracket to prevent sliding.
Broad compatibility:
The phone holder is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Material: high quality PVC
Color: black, white, pink, blue
Size: 7.6cm X 10.8cm X 13cm

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The package includes:
1 PhoneUp 360掳 stand