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Pet Shedding Tool Brush

Pet Shedding Tool Brush


The harmful pet hair scattered around the house is definitely one of the inconveniences that pet owners suffer. One way is to use this tool tool. It is specially designed with a beautiful round trash can, which can effectively remove scattered hair, and eliminate tangles and residual dirt without harming the pet's skin.

Simple and fast hair collection function-After brushing your pet, just click the button, the trash can will retract into the brush, and then you can collect hair from the brush.
Perfect bristles to keep your PET fur free of all debris-this brush gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, kinks and dirt.

Not only will your pet "look" good, but it will also "feel" great! -Our brush can increase blood circulation and make your pet's coat soft and shiny.
Comfortable, sturdy and durable-no matter how long you brush your pet, our sliding brush can prevent hand and wrist strain!

Material: plastic and nylon
Weight: 0.2kg
Size: 18*10cm/7*3.7 inches


The package includes:
1 x shedding tool brush