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Pastry Decorating Pen

Pastry Decorating Pen


Do you like to decorate baked goods perfectly like a professional?

Decorating a cake is as easy as writing with a pen. The pastry decoration syringe pen can provide you with precise control when decorating pastries. Personalize you to bake out ozone-depleting substances, and use the injection pen to write emails or patterns. Not only are they an interesting way to change the baking effect, they are also 100% natural. The ergonomic design ensures precise control and neat start and stop. An interesting and essential tool to personalize and beautify your favorite desserts! It is no longer necessary to fight with a messy pastry bag and start decorating pastries in a fun and simple way.

Extruded silicone body: allows you to control the amount of filling released at any given time
Practical: Just lightly press your finger to disperse all the frosting in the bag without squeezing hard
Easy to use: ergonomic design ensures precise control and clean start and stop
Multi-purpose: perfect to make your own unique cake, syrup, biscuit or chocolate, petal sauce, fudge cake, almond protein DIY, etc.

Safe and non-toxic: Made of high-quality ABS material, it can ensure food safety and is also very suitable for children.
Reusable: The soft silicone body can also be used to decorate delicious tableware and plates for multiple additional professional displays.
Easy to clean: Cleaning is also easy, and the dishwasher is also safe.

Product information:
Category: Pastry Decoration Syringe Pen
Material: Silicone Weight: 45g
Container diameter: about 25mm
Container length: about 100mm
Total length: about 130mm
Tip inner diameter: about 50mm 1.5mm and 1.8mm
Product Packaging 1 X Pastry Decoration Syringe Pen