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Paint Sprayer

Paint Sprayer


Spray a flawless coat of paint!

REFRESH OLD FURNITURE: Upcycle an old woodwork piece to give it a brand new look!

FORGET ABOUT MESSY PAINTING GEAR: No more paint splashing all around your room!

TRANSPARENT PAINT CONTAINER: Conveniently monitor how much paint you have left!

MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION: You can use the spray gun for anything from metal to textile!

Provide a perfect finish to any wooden piece! Spread paint or varnish uniformly and without a hassle thanks to the pressure paint sprayer! Even irregular and rough surfaces can be coated efficiently. Painting can be a completely clean process when using this tool . so you don't need to do any hard scrubbing afterward.

Even amateurs can use this gun . for furniture maintenance or DIY work. Just put the pain in the transparent container . and easily monitor the flow. Get creative . you can use this gun on almost any surface to give it a new glow!

For at-home auto refinishing! Get yours today!