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Painting by Numbers Kit - Beach Mood

Painting by Numbers Kit - Beach Mood


Boring at home?Check out our latest digital painting suite-Beach Mood. This will keep you and your family happy for hours!

Painting by Numbers Kit - Beach Mood

HOW IT WORKS? It's SUPER simple!

STEP 1:Lay your canvas out on a flat surface. Organize your acrylic paint.

STEP 2:Match the number of the paint to the number on the canvas.

Boring at home? The beach is one of the best ways to illuminate any room!
Bring this gorgeous toolkit home to let you enjoy the beauty of the beach forever. This incredible painting is made of gorgeous blue, pink and white, bringing life and beauty to your home.
Check out our latest digital painting suite-Beach Mood. This will keep you and your family happy for hours!


Includes bristles, paint and numbered canvas-Flawless-16 inches X 20 inches-Suitable for children and adults
Provide you with the perfect relaxation activity-get lost at the moment of drawing a beautiful landscape. When completing the project, let your worries gradually disappear. Our numbered paint tools will help you charge the battery, stop you and smell (paint) the beach, and make you feel refreshed.
Optimize your artistic side-go at your own pace and enjoy exploring your artistic side. We all have one!
Make beautiful artwork-after completion, you will get a beautiful painting that can be used anywhere in your home. Show off to your family and friends! The amazing results will shock them.
Great family activities ?a good time for the whole family.

This package includes:
1 high-quality linen canvas with pre-printed outlines
Provide a complete set of non-toxic acrylic paint for your project. No need to mix colors. Bright colors bring this picture to life on the canvas!
3 fine brushes with matching sizes
Easy-to-read instructions guide the process with many useful tips for success!
Does not include frame.

Easy to use:
made a mistake? Just paint on it!
The brush is quickly rinsed with water under the tap and is easy to clean
Each paint well is numbered and corresponds to the numbered area on the canvas?/p>