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Orange Peeler (5pcs)

Orange Peeler (5pcs)


There is nothing better than biting the juicy meat of fresh orange juice. Oranges are not only delicious, but also rich in vitamin C, which is the ideal fruit for flu season. The problem is that good things are often hidden behind hard skin. If you often find yourself reaching for oranges, you will know how difficult it is to peel them. That is the use of Orange Peeler. Peeler is essentially a tool that allows you to easily remove skin from oranges or other favorite fruits (such as grapefruit or oranges).

Durable and safe: made of safe plastic and equipped with a beautiful peeler kit.
Easy to clean and store: its small size makes it ideal for lunch boxes and fruit baskets.
Keep your hands dry: These gadgets help keep fingers and hands away from oranges.
Quick and easy: The curved design tightly grasps the surface of the fruit, making the blade easy to slide.
Healthy lifestyle: One to eliminate the pain of peeling and eat healthy fruits every day. Peeling and slicing can prevent you from adopting a healthy diet lifestyle.
Convenience: practical, safe, hygienic, durable and light weight. Necessities for your family and outing app.

Contains packaging:
5 x orange peelers