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New Painting Roller (Set of 8pcs)

New Painting Roller (Set of 8pcs)



How many times did you want to renovate, but was delayed because you had to cover all the furniture and carpet? No need to use a new painting roller brush!
All you have to do is pour paint! Just pour in paint, pop on the lid and apply a perfect coating.

Anti-spill design-does not cause chaos, dripping or splashing
Convenient-Larger 1L paint room can be reinstalled, so it will not be continuously immersed
Microfiber nozzles-provide uniform coating and seamless coating distribution on rough or smooth surfaces.
Easy to use-roll to any surface to distribute paint evenly
Flocking edging machine and corner pads-cutting is never cleaner or easier than it is now

Extension tube-no longer bends, you can roll into the paint tray or climb up or down the ladder
Save time-paint the entire wall in 5 minutes or the entire room in 20 minutes
Suitable for indoor and outdoor
Washable and reusable-easy to clean


No dripping or chaos!
Get your work done quickly and easily

how to use:

The package includes:
1 X paint bucket
1 X tray
1 X paint roller
1 X round brush
1 X Corner Painter
3 X extension tube