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Nano Mist Sanitizer - Portable Nano Facial Mist Sprayer

Nano Mist Sanitizer - Portable Nano Facial Mist Sprayer


Portable Nano Facial Mist Sprayer is for the hydration for your skin on Hot Summer or Dry Winter Days

You can use it on all surfaces without a problem: your mobile phone, your keys, elevator buttons, electronic devices, poles on public transportation... even your clothes or and groceries before storing them.

Moisturizer and Refreshes your Skin: This mini nano facial mister is used for face, and body. Suitable for all kinds of skin. Perfect for keeping your face hydrated and healthy. 

  • Use as a Make-up setting spray - Nanoparticle technology is so light mist it won't ruin your makeup
    • Rose Water or Face Toner can be used instead of water (Use water-based solution only)

  • Use as Disinfectant Spray with Alcohol - Spray anything you want! A portable disinfectant spray to carry with you on the go!
    • Large Capacity30ml water storage. No need to fill water frequently. This handy facial mister makes you feel relaxed and cool on a hot day and helps skin stay hydrated during the winter season.
    • USB Rechargeable and Easy to Use: No battery required. USB charging is convenient and energy-saving. Just fill the mist sprayer up with water, push down the switch, and then it automatically sends out a nice mist.

    Package Includes

    1 x Portable Nano Facial Mist Sprayer
    1 x USB charger cord