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Nail Art Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine

Nail Art Electric Nails Repair Drill Machine


The easy way to clean, sharpen, drill and polish your nails!

Multi-purpose-engraving, engraving, milling, grinding, sharpening, grinding, polishing, drilling, etc...
78.7 inch charging cable, it is best to charge.
Suitable for professional nail salon or personal use.
Please clean your body with a soft cloth, do not use cleaning solvents or detergents 10V adapter
The double-bearing and double-insulation design from 3,000 to 20,000 RPM is easy to use in any position. Accepts all rotating tool accessories. Lightweight design allows precise operation

Operation method:
Before loading, please unplug the tool from the power socket.
Press the shaft lock button, turn the chuck nut counterclockwise (but do not remove the nut), insert the drill bit, and then tighten the chuck clockwise. However, if the nut is damaged, avoid over-tightening the collet nut.
Slide the on/off switch to find the required speed between 3000-13,000RPM. Slide the switch to the black point to stop completely.
When finished, unplug the tool, remove the drill bit and store it in a dry place.

Cuticle pusher:
Remove dead skin. Keep the cuticle clean and clean calluses
Fine forming tools:
Engrave hard-to-reach corners and spots
Plastic tools:
Smooth and smooth nails and wavy surfaces
Polishing tools:
Polish your nails to a healthy shine, push back the cuticles and stimulate nail growth
Sandpaper tool (used with sanding belt):
Nail shaping and smooth edges
What is the function of bit? Electric nail polisher manicure pedicure set with 6 drill bits (5 diamond drill bits, 1 emery rod with 6 abrasive belts)'

Input voltage range: AC 110-240V / 50-60Hz
Output voltage: DC 12V
Speed: 3,000-20,000 RPM (adjustable)
Phone length: 6.3 inches
Color: rose, blue
Plugs: US, EU, AU, UK
Drill size: 3/32"
Suitable for professional use, manicure salon, manicure, pedicure, makeup room or home use.

Package Contents:
1 x electric pen-shaped nail drill
1 AC power adapter (78.7 inches long)
6 x bits
1 x User Manual (English)