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Multifunctional Mute Door Handle (6Pcs)

Multifunctional Mute Door Handle (6Pcs)


No more trouble when opening the door! There is no damage on the wall and no noise is emitted. It can both absorb doors and prevent collisions.
Every time you open the door, the door will be directly hit, and the noise will become very small! The installation is very convenient and can be used for mobile phone stand, toothbrush holder, key ring and more!


opening No more trouble opening it, always keep it smooth when opening the door.
It can absorb doors and prevent collisions, and has a silent effect.

Anti-vibration and noise reduction, protecting new walls.
Widely used, suitable for various doors, and used as mobile phone holder, toothbrush holder, etc.

Wall protection is suitable for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, classroom, etc.
High-quality silicone has strong suction, thick and soft, and does not deform.

Safe to use and easy to install, just clean the wall and install it to the door handle.

Color: pink, orange, blue, white, green
Type: round, square
Material: Environmentally friendly silicone

The package includes:
6 multifunctional silent door handles