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Multifunctional Caulk Finishing Tool Set

Multifunctional Caulk Finishing Tool Set


Multifunctional Caulk Finishing Tool Set,Neat application and removal of sealants in your property!

3-in-1 scraper: This thickening tool can help you repair the gap and clean the remaining glue, which is convenient and beautiful, and can improve the agglutination quality and surface beauty.
Two models of squeegee: triangular thickened squeegee to remove stubborn old glue, and silicone mortar to remove unevenness and dents on the surface.

Silicone caulking tools: It is made of durable plastic, easy to clean and will not waste caulk; and they can be reused and have a long service life.

Replaceable 5 silicone pads: The caulking tool is designed with non-slip push-pull buttons, which can replace the 5 silicone pads you want (including 3R, 6R, 10R, 13R, 17R radii)

Wide range of applications: This caulking tool can be used in households, kitchens, bathrooms, water tanks, windows, sink joints, etc.

Material: plastic, silicone, stainless steel
Metal scraper: 195*35mm/7.68*1.38 inches
Plastic scraper: 190*32mm/7.48*1.26 inches
Silicone trowel: 170*40mm/6.69*1.57 inches
Quantity: 1 set
The package includes:
Three in one silicone scraper x1pc
5 interchangeable pads