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Multifunction Folding Auto Car Door Step

Multifunction Folding Auto Car Door Step


Reaching Your Car Roof Just Got Easy! 

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Roof steps give you quick and easy access to the roof of your car. Easy steps to climb to your roof! This latch step will help you reach or store large items easily on the roof of your car! At the same time, it is equipped with a safety hammer, the Multifunction Folding Auto Car Door Step is a strong tool to break car windows in case of emergency.



Q: Will it scratch the paint my car paint?

A: It has a rubber pad to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Q: Does it work on the ford explorer and the ford escape?

A: All cars/trucks have the same loop type latch for their doors. It'll fit y our Explorer and Escape.

Q: Will it break my cars glass in emergency case?

A: Yes, this Multifunction Folding Auto Car Door Step has safety hammer that you can use to knock your car glass in the emergency.



  • Patented Design - It can be used as a car pedal, and it is also easy to take the items on the roof and check the condition of the roof.

  • Safety Hammer Design provides you a powerful tool for survival in case of emergency.

  • Support Up To 400 Pounds: it can support up to 400 pounds for access to car rooftop or rack, no problem for big guy handling bulky items

  • Compatible Design - It is big enough to fit for all sizes of feet. Non-slip design provides solid and secure support for you standing on the doorstep, compatible with all kinds of SUV or RV.

  • The product has an anti-collision strip, and the hook on the trailer sticks to the product to reduce damage to the car.

  • Foldable and easy to store - made from light-weighted durable aluminum Alloy. It assists you easily in fixing or fetching Bike, Surfboard, or other Bulky Travel Items on car rooftop/ rack.

  • The product has a safe and concealed blade. In special cases, you can cut the seat belt to escape.

  • It can be used as a non-slip baffle for cars.


  • Material: The best quality aluminum Alloy
  • Max Load: 400 pounds and more
  • Weight: 250g
  • Color: black


    • 1 x Multifunction Folding Auto Car Door Step