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men's hair Straightener, Beard Straightener

men's hair Straightener, Beard Straightener


Rich hair, straighten hair, straighten curly hair
No hair damage: Heat evenly to avoid any "hot spots" that cause excessive hair burning
Safe to use: it can be used as a protective cover against the heating plate to prevent excessive burning of hair
Easy to use: just comb it to mess up your hair
Fast heating: warm up within 15 seconds
Reduce frizz and tangles
Long-lasting: keep amazing results throughout the day
Lightweight and ergonomic handle: comfortable to hold and not easily tired

Project Type: Hair Brush and Straight Hair Comb
Gender: Adult male
Size: 26.5*5.5*8.1cm (10.5*2.2*3.2Inch)
Function: hair straightener and curling iron
Material type: ABS + heating film
Heating film material: environmentally friendly alloy
Heating film diameter: less than 15mm
Applicable hair: dry hair
Temperature control: 1 file
Best modeling time: 3-5 minutes
The best temperature: 120 degrees

Package Included:
1 X hair stylist