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Magic smoke bubble machine for kids

Magic smoke bubble machine for kids


Made of environmentally friendly PVC materials . new and non-hazardous materials . will not affect children.

Each bubble has smoke and can be held in your hand.
Encourages active play and develops hand-eye coordination.Great for parties . weddings . celebrations . entertainment . and all indoor/outdoor activities.

Note:For prolonged life of your bubble shooter . please refer to usage suggestions in the product description and on the back of the product packaging.

Specifications & Features
Child-Friendly safe . non-toxic and non-staining bubbles.
Bright and colorful LED Light . Superior Quality . Attractive and Durable.
Materials made in line with international health & safety standards.
For ages 3+

Let the children have fun and help them learn and experience something new at the same time! It's a smart and practical purchase for kids.