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Magic Nano Emery Sponge

Magic Nano Emery Sponge


Rust on kitchen pots, pans, gas stoves and other items in the kitchen may be difficult to remove, but it is no longer there! Try this Magic Nano Emery Sponge, it will definitely make your life easier, and your kitchen is 100% rust-free!

Its special Nano Emery technology allows you to effortlessly tackle any stubborn dirt or rust in a few swipes!

The inner layer is a high-density sponge, and the outer layer adopts nano-diamond process, which has good flexibility and quick and effective decontamination.
Designed for rusty iron pots, pans, and cutlery, but does not hurt your hands or cooking utensils
Durable, with antibacterial, acid and alkali resistance. Superior decontamination ability.

You can also clean the stove, kitchen utensils, wipe the kitchen walls, floors, etc.

Product Specifications:
Size: 10*7*2.5cm
The package includes:
1x Magic Emery