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Led Romantic Rose Flower Night Light (with Remote)

Led Romantic Rose Flower Night Light (with Remote)


This would be a perfect gift!Exquisite gift ideas, especially suitable for babies, children, friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives.


Light colors: red/green/yellow/white/blue/green, RGB, etc. (16 colors in total)
Adjustable brightness: medium-high
Dimensions: 110*65*75 mm
Type: Colorful Flower LED RGB
The warm soft light provides a gentle guardian.
The latest RGB rose romantic dimming lamp
Hand-held size and standing design, flexible placement


A gift for your children, friends or yourself.
RGB colors will create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere for you
Suitable for bedroom, home furnishings, gifts and other romantic places
Downlights are harmless to children's eyes
Portable usage supports all-weather companions
Very romantic lighting, which greatly attracted everyone's attention.

wireless remote:
Off: turn off the power
Turn on: Turn on
R: The color changes to red
G: The color changes to green
B: The color changes to blue
W: The color changes to white
Flash: automatically change color, skip quickly
Strobe: automatically change the color, skip slowly
Fade in and fade out: automatically change the color, quick coloring
Smooth: automatic color change, slow shadows
Other non-letter buttons: used in different colors

The packaging includes:
1 handmade LED rose bottle lamp with remote control