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Led Glove With Waterproof Lights

Led Glove With Waterproof Lights


Working in the dark is indeed a problem. The good thing is fingerless LED gloves, which can solve all your problems.

Humanized hands-free lighting design, cool fingerless gloves, with 2 LED lights on the index finger and thumb. When working on something that requires both hands, you will never struggle in the dark to find lighting or feel frustrated for a flashlight.
Made of high-quality and durable elastic fabric material and lightweight and waterproof breathable Velcro. It can be stretched to fit different hand types of men and women, and can even be worn on gloves, but it is still very comfortable to wear and has almost no sense of restraint.

Ideal for fishermen, gadgets, network engineers, plumbers, maintenance equipment, camping, cycling and other outdoor activities or work lighting, etc.

Made of cotton, soft to the touch, breathable and woven, comfortable to wear.
The specially designed gloves are equipped with 2 powerful LED lights and are easy to use, allowing you to let go of your hands.
The adjustable wrist strap can be worn stably, so you can adjust the tightness to your liking.
Fingerless design, more flexible, hand movements are not restricted.
Suitable for outdoor night fishing, hunting, running, cycling, camping, and can also be used to repair cars or lighting equipment.
No need to hold a torch.


Material: spandex and cotton
Colour: Black
Features: Waterproof and LED
Powered by 2 CR2016 button batteries