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Kid's Digital Camera

Kid's Digital Camera


We know that you like your children photos and memories very much. Now that you have a new Kid Digital Camera, you can be a good time in their lives. Kid Digital Camera is a camera that impresses your kids and allows them to take pictures or record Videos of events you like and share them with you later!

A developmental toy can not only teach your children about photography, but also expand their imagination.
Photography also helps build hand-eye coordination and positive social skills!
12-megapixel camera-captured in clear quality-all these wonderful memories, they will be remembered in the coming years.
HD video-because still photos are never enough!
Shockproof body-100% child friendly
Easily export and print photos via USB (included)-just like a normal camera!
Easy to press buttons, even young children can take pictures without help!

Display: 2.0-inch color display
Lens: National lens, 100 degree angle
Storage medium: Mini SD card, maximum 32GB
Photo format: JPG
Camera format: JPEG
Camera resolution: 1080P: 1440*1080, 720P: 1280*720, VGA: 640*480
Loop recording: off, 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes
Photo resolution: 3M, 2M, 1.3M, VGA
Charging voltage: DC-5V
Battery capacity: 600 mAh
Life time: 3 hours
Product size: 80mm x 40mm x 50mm