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Heated Beard Straightening Comb

Heated Beard Straightening Comb


Why is this product right for you?
This is an amazing style tool that allows you to try many different looks. Negative ion technology helps prevent burrs and thermal damage, while rubber-coated ceramic teeth ensure greater safety. The electric comb for men has ergonomic design and portable design, so no matter where you are, you can show your best. This styling tool provides a great gift for important men in your life.

Why do I need an ion brush?
Our brush emits negative ions, which can neutralize the positive ions in the beard and hair. As a result, your hair will become less frizzy, smoother, healthier, and balanced at the chemical level.

The negative ion hair comb with negative ions can be used for hair care, constant temperature design, curling or straight dual-use, etc., allowing you to change your hair anytime, anywhere.
Anion straight hair comb, generally suitable for overall long or short hair, straight hair for men and women is preferred.
High-grade rubber spray paint, delicate and elegant appearance.
Multifunctional combs for men and women can straighten hair and beard, take care of short and long hair, straight hair and curly hair.
The new increase in ozone tablets straightens hair and releases a large amount of ozone factor, forming a hair mask that deeply nourishes the hair and scalp.
U-shaped comb design, this unique design can make the shape more comfortable, promote blood circulation of the scalp, make hair grow healthy and radiate natural luster.
The rapid heating time provided by an efficient heating system spends less time modeling beards.
Suggestions: Do not have too much hair, which will result in less obvious effects.

Type: beard and hair comb
Material: ABS
White color
Voltage: 100V-240V
Plug: American plug
Maximum temperature: 180掳
Warm-up time: 30 seconds
Size: about 25.5x10.5x5cm / 10.04x4.14x1.97 inches
The package includes:
1X electric comb comb