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Halloween skull ghost hanging decorations

Halloween skull ghost hanging decorations


Color: black + white
Size: 39.3 inches * 23.6 inches (100 cm * 60 cm)
Material: PVC + cloth use
: Halloween party, coffee, home table decoration.

1. The detailed skull face with veil looks creepy and real-used to decorate Halloween parties, haunted houses or yards to scare tricksters or crooks, or attract the attention of guests, neighbors and passersby. They will remember you terribly every Halloween.
2. With a 3-inch rope, it can be used to hang and decorate easily-save time and energy, and let everyone immediately feel the atmosphere full of fun and hairline.
3. The fabric is polyester fiber, which is waterproof, weather resistant and chemical resistant. Durable. Add this to the collection of weird decorations for your home or office.
4. Made of high-quality plastic, strong, chemical-resistant, and odor-free. The lasting Halloween hanging decoration can be reused next year to save decoration cost.

Packing list:
1 hanging ghost

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Note 2: The color may vary, depending on your monitor.