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Hair Steamer Cap Dryer

Hair Steamer Cap Dryer


Looking for a SUPER easy and convenient way to treat your hair at home? Our Hair Steamer Cap Dryer was designed to style and deeply condition hair follicles while improving the overall texture of the hair.

Hair Steamer Cap Dryer

This hair steamer is a specially designed flame-controlledhair steamer which basically provides the hair follicles and strands ample steam needed to grow at a healthy pace. Once the steam hair dryer reaches the desired temperature . the hair steamer cap automatically disconnects and shuts off to prevent over heating.

In addition . the temperature can be fully controlled and adjusted according to personal preference.

Best Hair Steamer Cap Dryer

Best part of all . the small and portable size of thesteam hair dryer makes it extremely easy to carry around and wear. The inner layers of the hair steamer cap were designed to be gentle on skin and hair making it super comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Restore the colorful vibrations of your hair and make it more gorgeous than it has ever been before!


HIGH PERFORMANCE - The multiple temperature heating levels on the hair steamer makes it super easy to achieve the desired heating temperature quickly and efficiently. Although the heating occurs with speed . the hair steamer cap is extremely safe for the wearer because it shuts off just as fast after the temperature has been reached.

EASY TO USE - Using ourhair steamer cap is extremely easy and time-saving. Simply place the steam hair dryer around your head . plug in the cable . choose the specific temperature setting . and watch it completely change your hair style!

MACHINE WASHABLE -The inner embedded plastic film inside the hair steamer capis fully detachable and can be washed manually or in a washing machine. After use . it is recommended that you wash the hair steamer for hygienic purposes.