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Hair Cutting Kit Clip

Hair Cutting Kit Clip


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Save time-DIY for your family's favorite hairstyle at home for a few minutes and cut beautiful bangs at the same level.
Very suitable-cut your child's hair, trim bangs, create layers, or just keep the hairstyle between trimming and making hairstyles.

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Save money-Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, you can use this trimmer and hair clipper to make professional haircuts at home. Save money to go to the salon.
How to use-First, fix the bangs with a horizontal ruler, straighten the bangs, and cut off the bangs to be cut at the lower end. Adjust the spirit level and mark the transparent liquid in the middle of the bubble. Then cut the bangs with your teeth and trim them.


The package includes:
1 pack 2-small straight packaging-app 6.3" X 0.75"; large bending size: app 11" X 0.75"