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Grinder Wood Carving Chain Disc

Grinder Wood Carving Chain Disc


The grinder wood carving chain is very useful and convenient.

Why choose us?
They use their speed and maneuverability to cut, carve, remove and carve wood, plastic, ice and hard rubber.
The chain saw blade is fixed between two steel plates, thus providing a firm grip for engraving.
Regardless of the presence or absence of grain or knots, the blade will cut through the material.
Ideal for bending work (eg inside the bowl) to quickly remove waste.
The chain saw file can be used to polish the chain, or it can be replaced as needed.
It provides a smooth "finish" surface, which is very useful for the minimum polishing afterwards.

The unique feature of all our chains is their full-house design, which means that the chain link consists of continuous left and right teeth ?the teeth are not separated by the jumper chains common to standard chain saws.
All our blades have twice the number of ordinary teeth, so that the blade can be driven by the hardest wood and other soft non-ferrous materials.
Safety-If the blade is nailed or nailed on wood, it will cut through obstacles in most cases. Otherwise, the impact will cause the chain to stop when the disc rotates, giving the user a warning to stop the angle grinder. This is a major safety feature that almost eliminates rebates and constraints.

Color: silver.
Weight: 200g/280
Material: Steel.
Maximum speed: 25000rpm
Diameter: 10.2 cm (4 inches)/12.5 cm (5 inches)
10.2 cm (4 inches) suitable for 4 inch (100 mm) or 4 inch-1/2 inch (150 mm) angle grinder
12.5 cm (5 inches) suitable for 5 inch (125 mm) angle grinder

Package Included:
1 x grinder wood carving chain disc.
Note: Do not operate without first adjusting the safety guards on the angle grinder.