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Gas Stove Protector (Set of 4pcs)

Gas Stove Protector (Set of 4pcs)


This gas stove protector can be easily cleaned after cooking. Just put it on the stove, you don't have to scrub the stove with chemicals. Just remove the lid to remove grease and stains. Non-sticky and reusable, just wash in hot soapy water or dishwasher, which is useful for other purposes.

The gas protector can be trimmed to suit different gas stoves.
Save time cleaning the stove
Heat resistance, fire prevention + 260鈩?temperature treatment
Almost suitable for all gas stoves, non-stick pan.
It can be easily removed when cleaning. Wash with soapy water or dishwasher-fully reusable.

how to use:
For gas stoves, place the protector under the burner stove under the flame. The protector must be free of any flames to avoid file damage or product damage.
Before use, the hole of the protector must be trimmed with scissors to make it fit your gas stove correctly.
When cleaning, please use hot soapy water or dishwasher.

Dimensions: about 270 x 270 mm / 10.6 inches x 10.6 inches
Withstand temperatures up to 260掳C
The package includes:
4 x gas stove protectors (1 set)