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Garden auger bit

Garden auger bit


The garden spiral hole drill planter is a convenient tool for gardening planting bulbs, flower bed plants and seedlings. It does the hard work for you and easily taps holes.
It makes garden maintenance easy and fast, and you can also weed!
This drill is designed to help you plant stalks faster than using a shovel or garden trowel, and as small as once a year, this drill can actually crush the soil and make your plants better contact with the soil.

The perfect bulbs of tulips, irises, bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings are planted with augers.
Outstanding quality and value, this tool is durable, useful and durable.
Save time and effort. It can be used in any electric or cordless electric drill that can accommodate 3/8" bits.
It is also suitable for digging roots and weeds. Quickly dig holes up to 7 inches deep and 1.75 inches wide.
Does not  Hole Drill Planter

Product Specifications:
Size: 9 inches (22 cm) / 18 inches (45 cm)